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Welcome on Board

Hello World! First, we would like to thank you for purchasing our premium WordPress Themes. We will do our best to assist you with any issues related to using our themes as soon as possible. However, always perform a forum search first and check the FAQs before you post. Please read our policy support, as it will be beneficial; it will take just a few minutes.

Support is our pleasure.

As we have been for a long time customers of Envato, we know first-hand the meaning of the word support. So, with great pleasure, we offer you our full and free support.


We advise you, before asking any questions:

  • Visit our live Knowledge Base to search for the issue you meet. It may cover your question as it is written in a logical and easy-to-read way.
  • Your theme version and its required plugins are up to date.
  • You've checked out our video tutorials.
  • Remove any 3rd party plugin you may use and any custom code you have added.
  • Then open a ticket in our support system.

Scope of Support & Customizations

The scope of the support deals with more satisfied customers. We are willing to help you with anything around our WordPress Themes, but we cannot promise extensive support for every plugin and modification you need. We will consider all the requests from our customers without promising anything as we focus on bug fixes and how to extend our products with new valuable features for all of our customers. Customizations are beyond the scope of this support forum as they are not part of the purchase package. So please be reasonable, friendly & respectful. :)

Support Time

We offer our support within 24 hours! We do our best to reach your expectations and to spread our new philosophy, the Greatives philosophy.

Please also check this Envato 's article on  about the Support Policy of the products.

In case you need professional customizations, we've decided to provide professional, premium quality assistance to our lovely customers. Please get a free quote exclusively here.