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How to change default Form Title: Drop us a line... ?

Changing Default Form Title: Drop us a line...

Option 1: From Theme .po .mo Files
- Change text from Reload Theme .po .mo files ( Path: \reload\languages )

Option 2: From Child Theme .po .mo Files
- Upload and Activate Reload Child Theme
- Change text from Child Theme .po .mo files ( Path: \reload-child\languages )

Option 3: Using a hook from Child Theme
- Upload and Activate Reload Child Theme
- Add the following or similar snippet in functions.php of Child Theme

function grve_child_form_title() {
return 'Get in touch'; //form title
add_filter( 'grve_header_form_title', 'grve_child_form_title' );

With Option 1 you will have to update again the .po, .mo files in case you update the Theme to a newer version.
With Option 2 and 3 you will not loose your changes even if you upload an updated Theme.

Note: Child Theme is also useful to translate your Theme files. If you don't want to use Child Theme translations you can comment out the load_child_theme_textdomain line in functions.php of Child Theme.