Single Event is not visible with Events Calendar 3.11.x

From Events Calendar v3.11 a function used was removed from the Events Calendar code.

This affects Single Event views.

Fix is already included in Osmosis 2.4 ( released 03 August 2015).

Quick Fix for older versions of Osmosis

If you need a quick fix before this release you just need to modify a single file.

You can easily modify it from:

  • Appearance - Editor ( single-event.php )
  • FTP ( Under your osmosis directory: \tribe-events\single-event.php )

You just need to replace line 39:


<?php echo tribe_events_single_event_meta(); ?>


<?php tribe_get_template_part( 'modules/meta' ); ?>

Note: In case you are already modified this template file in your Child Theme, make the same change to the exact file in your Child Theme.